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CMO Council

Modifying and Localizing Production-Ready Creative at Scale

CMOs at global organizations know that presenting brand materials with a localized look, feel and geographically relevant content is critical to their sales and engagement strategies. In fact, iterating a brand's creative inspiration and output at scale to better resonate with cross-cultural consumers and diverse audiences on a local level is a new global mandate for CMOs.

Yet despite keen recognition and a willingness to allocate both budget and resources to deliver market-localized materials, many CMOs are stymied by the cost of supporting adaption of creative content across a growing multitude of regions and handling the logistics of localization at scale.

The CMO Council and HH Global have joined together to ignite a dialogue around new platforms, opportunities and mandates for rapid deployment and expansion of market localization across all creative adaptation programs. The findings of the study will be released in a global report that will feature insights into the drivers for increasingly localized content, key challenges around the cost and timeliness of localized campaigns, and what steps are being taken to increase relevancy across both global and local markets.

Program Elements and Content