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Nov 2018 - Beverage Daily - Jenny Eagle

How Packaging Can Help Brands in a Mobile Commerce World

Nov 2018 - PrintWeek - Abhishek Muralidharan

Tetra Pak Introduces Smart Packaging in India

Nov 2018 - Environmental Leader - Alyssa Danigelis

McCormick & Company Pledges 100% Circular Economy Plastic Packaging

Oct 2018 - Packaging Digest - Udo Panenka

How Connected Packaging can Help Big Brands Battle Craft Brands

Oct 2018 - Forbes - Forbes Agency Council

14 Ways Print Advertising Can Provide New Audience Potential For Your Company

Oct 2018 - Packaging Digest - Moiz Aden

5 Factors Affecting Sustainable Packaging Moving Forward

Oct 2018 - Forbes - Lana Bandoim

Mondelēz Will Make All Of Its Packaging Recyclable by 2025

Oct 2018 - Baking Business - Lynn Petrak

Millenials Reshaping Packaging Market

Oct 2018 - Industry Week - Alexandria Trusov

Standing Out with Storytelling Signage

Oct 2018 - AdWeek - Sara Jerde

Why Young Companies are Starting Print Magazines as a Way to Help Build their Brands

Sep 2018 - PrintWeek - Richard Stuart-Turner

IGS Launches New UV Printer and Cutters

Sep 2018 - PrintWeek - Rhys Handley

Automation Set to Create More Jobs Than It Eliminates

Sep 2018 - PrintWeek - Richard Stuart-Turner

TMB International Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Sep 2018 - PrintWeek - Jo Francis

Paper Prices to Rise Again in October

Aug 2018 - Packaging Digest - Lisa McTigue Pierce

How Flexible Packaging Trends Are Shifting and Why

Aug 2018 - PrintWeek - Richard Stuart-Turner

The Printing Charity releases Impact Report findings

Aug 2018 - Packaging Digest - Jenni Spinner

Detergent Takes a Fresh Approach to Traditional Packaging

Aug 2018 - Freight Waves - Vishnu Rajamanickam

The Impact of Last-Mile Delivery and Visibility in Logistics on Consumer Retention

Aug 2018 - Packaging Digest - Lisa McTigue

4 Emerging Paperboard Packaging Trends

Jul 2018 - Entrepreneur - Abhishek Agarwal

How Intelligent Packaging makes Printing Industry Evolve

Jul 2018 - MarketingTech - Christian Sæterhaug

The Role of Print Marketing in a Digital World

Jun 2018 - Print Quarterly - Richard Romano

Too Cool to Part With: The SuperFan Company Creates Special Print Projects for Superfans

Jun 2018 - WhatTheyThink.com

Video: Aldo Peretti Discusses the Advantages of Conventional Printing Technology

Jun 2018 - PrintWeek - Simon Creasey

Finishing Kit With a Kind of Magic

Jun 2018 - VMA

3D Printed Food: Just Because We Can Doesn't Mean We Should

Jun 2018 - Supply Chain Quarterly - Kelly Thomas

10 Technologies That Will Reshape SCM Software

Jun 2018 - Supply Chain Digital - Gavin Davidson

Omnichain: Five Reasons SMBs Should Take an Omnichannel Approach to Their Supply Chain

Jun 2018 - NPOA Industry Updates, June 2018 - Randall Swope and Lois Ritarossi

Grow Your Business by Selling Value, Not Print

Jun 2018 - Supply Chain Quarterly - Susan Lacefield

How Unilever Funds Supply Chain Innovation

Jun 2018 - FreightWaves - Ibrahiim Bayaan

Survey Data Shows That Manufacturers Are Struggling to Keep up With Rising Demand

May 2018 - Morning Consult

America's Most Loved Brands 2018

May 2018 - Supply Chain Brain - Brad Bussie

The Supply Chain Challenges of GDPR Compliance

Apr 2018 - Industry Week - Dagny Dukach

Is Your Supply Chain Stuck in the Bermuda Triangle?

Apr 2018 - Supply Chain Brain - Robert J. Bowman

‘Try Before You Buy’: A Huge Logistics Challenge for E-Tailers

Apr 2018 - Packaging Digest - Chandler Slavin

Cleanyst: The intersection of sustainability and ecommerce optimization

Apr 2018 - Packaging Digest - Lisa McTigue Pierce

Packaging Trends on Fire This Year

Apr 2018 - CB Insights

Retail’s Adapt-Or-Die Moment: How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Commerce

Mar 2018 - Supply Chain 24/7 - Chris Gordon

Supply Chain Network Optimization Technology Is Ripe for Disruption

Mar 2018 - www.ChiefMarTec.com - Danielle Sauve

Brand Packaging Needs a Marketing Tech Stack, Too...Who Knew?

Mar 2018 - Printing News - Thayer Long

Association Insights: Open Letter to the Industry

Feb 2018 - SimplifyMyPackaging.com - Danielle Sauve

NEW: Digital Maturity Model for Brand Packaging

Dec 2017 - Brand Finance

$300 Billion at Stake as Plain Packaging Threatens Beverage Industry

Aug 2017 - Business Insider - Ashley Lutz, Kate Taylor

Millennials reveal their top 100 favorite brands

Jul 2017 - Print Power

Video: Toyota Uses the Green Light to Launch Corolla

Jul 2017 - Print Power

Video: Go Outside 'The Outside Edition'

Jul 2017 - Print Power - Tasneem Mahbub

Febreze Garlic

Jul 2017 - HowLifeUnfolds.com - Catapult Thinking

Video: How One Company Crafts Stories Through Packaging

Jun 2017 - Print Power - Tasneem Mahbub

Bug Killer Magazine

Jun 2017 - Journal of Accounting & Marketing - Abbott J. Haron

Standardized Versus Localized Strategy: The Role of Cultural Patterns in Society on Consumption and Market Research

Jun 2017 - PRIMIR - PRIMIR Staff

The Future of Retail Advertising

Jun 2017 - McKinsey & Co. - By Peter Berg and Oskar Lingqvist

Pulp, Paper, and Packaging in the Next Decade: Transformational Change

Jun 2017 - American Printer - NPES and VDMA

NPES AND VDMA Worldwide Market for Print 2.0 - Packaging Study Now Available for Purchase

Jun 2017 - Packaging Strategies

Packaging Strategies Studies

May 2017 - Advertising Age - Jack Neff

Marketers Struggle With Viewability IRL, Too

May 2017 - Content Marketing Institute - Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs Staff

2017 B2B Content Marketing Trends—North America

May 2017 - HowLifeUnfolds.com - GOKARTON

Video: An Unexpected and Innovative Solution: Corrugated Cardboard and GOKARTON

May 2017 - PRIMIR/NPES

Megatrends in Printing Applications: A Refresh and Expansion of the 2010 Study Data and Future Outlook

May 2017 - Cybra - Cybra Staff

5 Surprising Statistics About America’s Supply Chain

Apr 2017 - Tech.co - Steve Young

10 App Marketing Trends to Dominate Your Industry in 2017 and Beyond

Apr 2017 - MarketingProfs - Laura Foror

The State of Content and Influencer Marketing [Infographic]

Mar 2017 - Print Power - Tasneem Mahbub

You're Not Your When You're Hungry

Mar 2017 - Inc. - Chris Campbell

7 Tips for Listening—and Responding—to Your Customers

Mar 2017 - Business Know-How - Adrian J. Slywotzky

Keeping Up with Your Customers

Feb 2017 - MarketingCharts - MarketingCharts Staff

2017 Marketing Budget Trends, by Channel

Feb 2017 - MarketingCharts - MarketingCharts Staff

2017 Marketing Budget Trends by Channel

Jan 2017 - Wall Street Journal - Christine Moorman and T. Austin Finch

Marketing Budgets Vary by Industry

Jan 2017 - - Christine Moorman

Marketing Budgets Vary by Industry


North American Brand Owners’ Influence on the Printing/Purchasing Process

Dec 2016 - American Marketing Association - Sarah Steimer

Gartner’s CMO Spend Survey Shows Marketing Budgets on the Rise in 2017

Oct 2016 - Dailiy Mail - Sean Poulter

Online Retailers are Making it More Difficult and Expensive to Send Items Back as They Face Massive Losses Caused by 'Serial Returners'

Oct 2016 - Webstrategies - by Chris Leone

How Much Should You Budget For Marketing In 2017?

Jul 2016 - MarketingProfs - Richard Harpham

Understanding the Hidden Costs of Localization

Jul 2016 - BCG Perspectives - Arindam Bhattacharya, Hans-Paul Bürkner, and Aparna Bijapurkar

What You Need to Know About Globalization’s Radical New Phase

Jul 2016 - McKinsey & Company - Raffaella Bianchi, Michal Cermak, and Ondrej Dusek

More Than Digital Plus Traditional: A Truly Omnichannel Customer Experience

Dec 2015 - PRIMIR/Interquest - PRIMIR/Interquest Staff

Trends and Future of Direct Mail Through 2020


The Future of Print in the U.S.: Landscape, Implications and Opportunities

Sep 2015 - L2 Inc. - Homa Zaryouni

Eight Steps to a Localized, Global Strategy

Jul 2015 - Kayako - Alfred Lua

10 Tips for Responding Graciously to Customer Feature Requests

Jan 2015 - The New York Times - Rebecca R. Ruiz

Catalogs, After Years of Decline, Are Revamped for Changing Times

Oct 2012 - DestinationCRM - CRM.com

Keeping Up with the Tech-Savvy Consumer

Apr 2012 - Marketing Week - Michael Barnett

A Localized Global Marketing Strategy

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